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Insurance Claim Advisement

Insurance companies often take actions contrary to their insured’s interests, with faulty coverage analyses and low-ball compensation amounts. When a loss occurs and an insured contacts its insurance company to make a claim, the insurance company will first engage in a coverage analysis to see if the insurance company is obligated to cover the claim and then will often engage in actions seeking to minimize the amount it will pay on the loss. These difficulties can often be avoided by careful preparation of the claim, including a coverage analysis, and presenting strong evidence to support the amount of the claim. Mr. Larson has assisted clients in claim preparation and has a successful record of obtaining proper coverage determinations and claim payments for his clients.

Client Reviews
"I've had the pleasure of working with Bill since 2004 regarding various legal matters with varying intensities over the years. I've found Bill to be professional, intelligent and spot-on. His legal advice has been thorough and well thought out with a keen attention to detail. I'm deeply grateful to Bill for always steering me in the right direction. Not only does Bill have a keen legal sense but he is also kind and has a good heart. He listens to me, really listens, and tailors his advice to what is important to me. Bill has the rare gift of having both a heart and finely tuned legal smarts. I've been extremely happy with Bill representing me and couldn't imagine using anyone else."