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Family Law

Few things deplete wealth more quickly than divorce, particularly an out-of-control divorce driven by high emotion and spite. Due to the acrimony often accompanying a divorce, many spouses will approach the divorce with a desire to “win” the case, such as occurs in a typical civil action where there is often an absolute winner and loser. But California’s family law courts sit in equity, not at law. That means the family courts are entrusted to do what’s fair and equitable under the law and not declare an absolute winner and loser. Many divorce litigants lose sight of this and waste precious money litigating matters that should be resolved through careful negotiation and fair compromise. Mr. Larson has witnessed gross depletion of community estates (i.e., money) by parties and their counsel who lose sight of the equitable goals mandated by the law and the family courts and, instead, seek to “win” issues that are frankly not worth the money invested to litigate them.

Mr. Larson’s approach is to thoroughly work up the case as quickly as possible and then pursue a resolution that is fair and just for the couple and, if applicable, their children. If a quick resolution is not possible, then Mr. Larson has extensive litigation and trial experience, including use of experts. Mr. Larson has been involved in many “scorched earth” cases and is well-versed in litigating and trying cases in such circumstances.

Client Reviews
"I've had the pleasure of working with Bill since 2004 regarding various legal matters with varying intensities over the years. I've found Bill to be professional, intelligent and spot-on. His legal advice has been thorough and well thought out with a keen attention to detail. I'm deeply grateful to Bill for always steering me in the right direction. Not only does Bill have a keen legal sense but he is also kind and has a good heart. He listens to me, really listens, and tailors his advice to what is important to me. Bill has the rare gift of having both a heart and finely tuned legal smarts. I've been extremely happy with Bill representing me and couldn't imagine using anyone else."