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That’s right: I’ve oriented this law firm to helping people with their legal matters. I take a strong cue from Proverbs 3:27: “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.”

If you don’t believe you can afford a lawyer with my expertise and background, I’m totally willing to have a discussion with you to see if we can work together.

I’ve been a practicing lawyer for over 34 years. For much of that time, I was a name partner in two iterations of a highly successful, plaintiff-side litigation firm based in Beverly Hills that represented individuals, businesses and public entities in complex litigation matters. As you can see from reviewing the Representative Matters, I’ve done a lot. In that work I’ve had the deep honor of representing numerous individuals in their time of need.

From 2009 to 2013, I was named a Super Lawyer®, an honor reserved for the top 5% of practicing lawyers. From 2014 to 2019, I also served as the managing member of a successful real estate development company, which completed 15 significant projects during that time.

I pride myself on taking a careful, thorough and strategic approach to helping clients, be it in litigation, transactional, or advisement matters.

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William L. Larson

In more than 34 years as a practicing lawyer, Bill has learned that meticulous preparation most often yields successful results. Bill works closely with each client to make certain the necessary attention to detail takes place. Be it a matter that goes to court or an out-of-court advisement or transaction, the process always involves comprehensive factual due diligence, careful legal research, and competent execution. As you explore this website, you’ll find that Bill has a rich history of successful outcomes that support his approach.

Bill views lawyering as a noble endeavor of service dedicated to delivering the best measure of justice possible to clients under America’s justice system. If you want to retain his services but are concerned with affordability, Bill will explore retention and payment options with you.

Representative Cases
The Clergy Litigation: Mr. Larson helped oversee and assisted with the representation of hundreds of victims in the hundreds of coordinated actions alleging sexual abuse—mostly of minors—by Catholic clergy in southern California. Mr. Larson’s firm also served as the court-appointed plaintiffs’ liaison counsel. The volume of work required the firm to operate almost continuously (i.e., almost 24 hours per day over three shifts), including weekends, for an approximate 6-year period. Mr. Larson oversaw the restructuring of firm operations to accommodate the mountain of mail arriving daily related to the Clergy Litigation. Mr. Larson developed the multi-layered file, database, and digitizing systems that provided the organization necessary for the firm to perform its liaison-counsel duties. Mr. Larson also developed the damages model for the firm’s cases, which was used to great effect in maximizing case values. Mr. Larson oversaw and largely drafted the successful opposition to the Archdiocese’s massive motion for summary judgment. Mr. Larson also largely performed the structuring and drafting of the highly complex and lengthy settlement documents that resulted in approximately $1 billion in recoveries for plaintiffs across the case groupings.
Tractor-Trailer vs. SUV; Wrongful Death; Establishing Millions in Additional Coverage: The tragic incident occurred in Orange County, late at night, in a blacked-out intersection due to an area-wide power outage. A tractor-trailer heavily impacted a small SUV, catastrophically injuring the SUV’s driver, moderately injuring the front-seat passenger, and instantly killing the rear-seat passenger. Mr. Larson represented the rear-seat passenger’s parents in a wrongful death action. The only apparent liability insurance coverage was the owner-operator truck driver’s $750,000, a grossly insufficient amount. Through thorough discovery and research, Mr. Larson established a legal joint venture between the truck driver and the owner of the trailers being pulled, thereby implicating several million dollars in additional liability insurance coverage, which allowed a significant, multi-million dollar settlement.
Industrial Forklift Incident; Lower-Leg Amputation and Crush Injuries: A forklift struck a bundle of long, heavy steel pipes during offloading causing it to topple onto the truck driver who had just delivered the load. The driver’s lower legs were crushed, causing a below-the-knee amputation of his right leg and catastrophic crush injuries to the left leg rendering it largely useless. The multi-week jury trial was complex, involving allegations of perjury by the plaintiff, an employment claim seeking to invoke the exclusive-remedy doctrine, and vigorous disagreement regarding liability and the nature, breadth, and amount of special damages. Despite the myriad issues, the pre-trial offer of $400,000 was topped by a jury verdict in excess of $5 million. Mr. Larson handled the trial of all issues other than the negligence of the forklift operator and the alleged perjury issues. Mr. Larson also assisted with and oversaw the subsequent law-and-motion and appellate work.
Client Reviews
"I've had the pleasure of working with Bill since 2004 regarding various legal matters with varying intensities over the years. I've found Bill to be professional, intelligent and spot-on. His legal advice has been thorough and well thought out with a keen attention to detail. I'm deeply grateful to Bill for always steering me in the right direction. Not only does Bill have a keen legal sense but he is also kind and has a good heart. He listens to me, really listens, and tailors his advice to what is important to me. Bill has the rare gift of having both a heart and finely tuned legal smarts. I've been extremely happy with Bill representing me and couldn't imagine using anyone else." Allan M.
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